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Going… Going… GONE in 60 Seconds


The hero car of any film is something to admire. Be it the Duke boys Dodge Charger or one of the cheeky Minis from the original Italian Job, each machine has become immortalized on the big screen and produced a cult following. The Mustang has done this more than any other with its character that often outshone its co-stars. The film Gone in 60 Seconds cast a 1967 GT500 Mustang as the lead car and its inspirational chase scene cemented its place in the hall of fame. Now “Eleanor” could be all yours…

For filming 12 of these sleek beasts were produced but unfortunately due to the nature of the stunt scenes many were destroyed in action sequences. One of the few remaining examples is going under the hammer and is expected to fetch just over £100,000. Imagine you being in the same seat that Nicholas Cage once occupied blasting down the road just listening to that bellowing V8. It could all be yours, but at a cost.