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Gumpert Apollo Enraged Frightens Children


Within the world of supercars there are a handful of upstart companies that try to take on the big boys. Very rarely do they stick around long enough for you to catch their name, but every now and then they beat Ferrari or Lamborghini at their own game and for that they are immortalized. Think about Mr Pagani and his Zonda. Gumpert are halfway there as their performance machines are unquestionably fast, however, they also only have faces a mother could love.

This menacing machine is the Gumpert Apollo Enraged, and as its name suggests, it is quite an angry character. Those scowling looks haven’t got any better but if it hears you say that it might just give you a taste of the 4.2 litre V8 under the bonnet. Producing 780BHP and weighing only 1,175KG the Enraged is no toy, more a street legal race car. Only 3 units will be produced.