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Hennessey Focus RS HPE400 Package Packs More Punch


Ford Focus RS HPE400 FrontStaying inline with their reputation of modifying fast Fords, Hennessey Performance have now got their hands on the new Ford Focus RS and created the HPE400 package for the company’s latest RS incarnation. If Hennessey Performance’s previous modifications are anything to go by we can expect two things, more power and a lot of Hennessey badging.

A bulk of the new additions include new engine control mapping, a high-flow intake filter, an electronically controlled dump valve for active sound control and a custom exhaust setup with a stainless steel mid pipe upgrade. The result of all this work Ford Focus RS HPE400 badgeequates to power going up from 345bhp in the standard RS to 400bhp in this model. Torque is also uprated from 376 lb-ft to 425 lb-ft.

Hennessey will also chuck on some lighter wheels with stickier tyres so all that power shouldn’t put you into a hedge.

The Ford Focus RS has already proved to be a seriously popular car with impressive levels of performance in all aspects. The added changes are sure to make the RS even more exciting than before if components such as the suspension and chassis show the same levels of composure under the added pressure.

The Focus RS is available to buy now but pricing for the HPE400 upgrade package along with all the ins and outs of what it will include are to be revealed at a later date.

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