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Hennessy Venom GT on the Dyno


What do you get when you cross one of the most agile and light weight sports cars on the market with an American tuning firm with a power fetish? That would be the Hennessy Venom GT then, a 1000BHP adaptation of the Lotus Exige. The twin turbo V8 has been crammed into the back of the cars swollen bodywork to create something with mythical ability’s. If this car was a murderer it would be the type that leaves the gas on you cooker and uses the toaster as delayed charge to produce a big fiery ball of death. Hennessy have managed to strap a Venom GT down long enough to get some readings from a dyno.

The total output from the rear wheels came to a staggering 933BHP with the aid of 874lb ft of torque! Add in the power lost as it travelled through the mechanics and the fact they used feeble 93 octane fuel, that number could well exceed 1000BHP.  Amazing!