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Honda “Baby NSX” Accidentally Leaked


Baby NSXHonda are going through an exciting period of time with the launch of Civic Type R, not to mention getting back into the supercar game with NSX. Factor in their involvement in Formula One and the brands new performance orientation becomes clear. Are these two halo cars all the Japanese company had up its sleeve? It would appear not as a much longed for, if slightly untraditional, S2000 replacement is on the way. This pictures show a “baby NSX” concept car.

A new research and development facility has just been opened in California and to mark the occasion some of its employees have been Tweeting images. Whilst the picture in question focuses on one of Honda’s personal mobility devices, in the corner is an ominous concept car. Clearly striking a resemblance to the NSX, this smaller sports car is mid-engined. How do we know that? Take a look at those air intakes behind the door. It would appear Honda like the idea of a modern-day Toyota MR2. Rumours of such a car have been swirling for a few months now, but at last we have proof of the “baby NSX” existence. It is likely that power will be sourced from the Type R’s 2.0 litre turbocharged engine.