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Hot Mini Countryman JCW Becomes Functioning Paradox


A paradox is the coming together of two things that should never be, for example traveling back in time and meeting yourself. If science fiction has taught us anything it is that paradoxes should be avoided at all costs. Actually sci-fi and BMW’s X6 have reinforced this come to think of it. So When the not so mini Mini actually because a functioning machine that we really liked, we were very surprised. Now it gets better…

This is the Mini Countryman JCW, or John Cooper Works to give it it’s full name. This rather angry looking motor is what you get when you turn the standard car up to 11. Its 1.6 litre turbo engine provides all fur wheels with 215BHP and 207lb-ft of torque. 0-62MPH is completed in just 7.1 seconds and the aggressive revisions to the bodywork makes sure people know about it. The cars top speed is 140MPH but the best part is its “overboost” function. Just like something out of Knight Rider, one push of a button gives you a further 14lb-ft of torque.

Want one? The Mini Countryman JCW hits showrooms this September for £27,800.