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Hyundai i40 To Undercut Competitor Prices


Hyundai of late have been producing some rather attractive pieces of design. Their big movement from boxy little city car to being a more premium product has done the brands image wonders. However these cars still don’t seem to stand up to their competitors in terms of quality and engineering. Could the new i40 be the beginning of a revolution for the Korean company?

The i40 promises ample space, class leading economy and the best build quality we have seen thus far from the brand. CO2 and insurance are both at lower rates than the competition, not to mention this cars key selling point, its price. Starting from £18,395 the Hyundai i40 is cheaper than the much loved Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia. Yet the price difference between the Mondeo and the i40 is actually only £530, not exactly big potatoes. We will soon test the i40 for ourselves but it will take an awful lot to knock the class-leading Ford off its perch.