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Iconic Jaguar E-Type Celebrates 50 Years


British sports cars are a bit thin on the ground these days in comparison to their heyday. Numbers aside the world unanimously agrees that nobody builds the breed like us Brits mixing in character by the bucketload and revolutionary engineering. A sports car should be about pure driving pleasure, you enjoying yourself at the hands of a machine that wants to be driven. Despite being 50 years old the Jaguar E-Type is still considered one of the best.

Wind the clock back to 1961 and the first E-Type with its sexy curves and lashings of pedigree was born. Enzo Ferrari appreciated this machine saying it was “the most beautiful car in the world.” But it didn’t just win beauty contests as the race bred D-Type that went before it had huge influences on this car. At its launch it would do over 150MPH making it the fastest car in the world and instantly one of the most desired. 50 years on and Jaguar is planning some celebrations for its golden egg such as appearances at the Festival of Speed, Pebble Beach and the Nürburgring.