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It’s Fast, It’s Furious, It’s Monza!


With all the thrills and spills of the past few races, who can honestly say F1 is dull and boring? We have had epic driving, fantastic tactics, unpredictable weather and some of the most controversial “racing incidents” in the history of the sport. With so few points separating the top four drivers this championship is far from over, and now it’s time for Monza.

A firm favourite among die-hard Formula One fans as this track offers high speed straights as well as heavy breaking zones to torture the cars integrity. Monza is also a classic F1 circuit meaning that run off areas are at a minimum and a driver will be punished by the track for even the smallest mistake. McLaren are thought to have an advantage this weekend with their F-duct and throughout practice that is exactly what it seems to indicate. Lewis and Jenson have decided to take two different methods to car set-up and both seem to equal the same result. In the Red Bull garage Webber was having engine issues on Friday but he says it was minor and that it doesn’t worry him.

Qualifying is set to start very soon and the race on Sunday is set to be a cracker!