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Jaguar Announce Aston Martin Vantage Rival


There has always been great rivalry between Aston Martin and Jaguar. The very respected brands for a good period of time were owned by Ford and obviously competing with yourself is never a good idea. However, the brands for the past few years have been separated with new owners. Let the wars of the British sports car commence.

Aston Martin’s hugely popular V8 Vantage has had the market all its own way up until now and Jag are not best pleased. Sending a torpedo right into SS Aston the big cat will launch a direct competitor based upon a smaller adaptation of the new XK platform. The sketch above previews the new C-X16 concept. To launch with an all new V6 and a £50,000 price tag, this little coupe has a real fighting chance.

The C-X16 is expected to hit dealerships late next year.