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Jaguar F-Type Confirmed


By far and away Jaguar’s most prestigious model in their history is the E-Type. 49 years ago this was the must have car of the 60’s, anybody who was anybody had a set of E-Type keys. Even Enzo Ferrari himself craved this car! This sleek body housed the world famous Jaguar engine of the era that is today still said to be the world’s smoothest engine. However that was then and ever since the car completed its production run in 1975, the world has been looking for a successor to this legend. Today, 35 years later, we have our answer.

Carl-Peter Foster, Jaguar and Land Rover boss has confirmed that there are a few new and upcoming models in the works. The Jaguar F-Type will be what the world is waiting for to fill the void left by the E-Type. We first saw the car in concept form way back in 2000, but due to various difficulties at Jaguar over the years the concept was shelved. But now the games is on again and we expect to see the F-Type resurface over the next year or so.

If Jaguar can continue to design cars as fantastically as the faultless XF and new XJ we will be in for a treat when the F-Type hits the road!