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Jaguar XJ leads It’s Segment


The new Jaguar XJ replaces a design that has stayed much the same for over 20 years. The British icon took a big risk redesigning such a bedrock in the company and knew that if it was to succeed it would have to be just as inspiring as the original. With its animated displays, pulsing interior lighting as well as a range of fantastic engines, the new XJ has become the bestselling luxury saloon in its first full month of being on sale.

It is brilliant to see the Germans getting beaten for once in an area of the market where they are so dominant. We celebrated this fact with a rather laughter inducing sketch in the latest podcast involving 3 Germans from Mercedes-Benz. Full credit to Jag for producing such a brilliant car that this month has sold 38% more than the S-Class and 70% more than the 7 Series.