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Jaguar’s Illustrious Bloodline


Jaguar D-TypeJaguar is a British icon of strength, performance and ingenuity. For decades the company has produced some of the fastest and most jaw dropping machines the world has ever seen. The Jaguar bloodline is one full of fine pedigree and legendary names. The F-Type hopes to join this list of outstanding machines, but the history books show this to be no small task.

Jaguar really left its mark on the global stage with its range of sports cars. The XK120 when launched in 1948 was the worlds fastest production car and showcased a new breed of engine for Jaguar. With looks that wooed onlookers and performance that led the world, the XK120 is the stuff of legends.

Born on the race track, the Jaguar D-Type captured the imaginations of millions. It’s revolutionary design led it to three consecutive victories in the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hour endurance race. The car put many foreign competitors to shame with its astonishing performance.

1961 Jaguar E-Type Proclaimed by Enzo Ferrari himself as “the most beautiful car in the world,” The Jaguar E-Type was a true testimony to what Briton was capable of when it came to the sports car game. The car was such a success production ran a full 13 years ending with a V12 powered car. Even today the Jaguar E-Type turns more heads than many modern performance cars.

39 years after the Jaguar E-Type drove off into the sunset, a successor has been born. Branded as a car Jaguar has had a long “burning desire” to build, the Jaguar F-Type is every bit as beautiful as its forefather. It’s elegantly sculpted body quietly echoes the past but at the same time pushes the Jaguar brand further into the future. Powered by a 3.0 litre V6 (F-Type and F-Type S) or a 495BHP 5.0 litre supercharged V8 (F-Type V8 S) this car is both beauty and the beast.

The F-Type will no doubt be a roaring success, the only question is, when will you be visiting a dealership to place your order?

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