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James Bond’s Aston SOLD For £3,000,000


Bond, James Bond… The worlds most famous fictional spy is often envied for his array of “toys.” Be it watches that fire lasers or belts that launch grappling hooks, the man is often matched by the equipment he keeps in his company. However it was in the film Goldfinger that the birth of what is now the worlds most recognized car occurred. James Bonds gadget laden Aston Martin DB5 is the epitome of cool with everything from machine guns to ejector seats hidden beneath the seductive body. The original car went under the hammer yesterday and sold for a sum that even 007 himself couldn’t turn down.

This very car was driven by Sean Connery in the film before being returned to Aston Martin and sold onto a private collector. It has only had one previous owner and has now sold to American Harry Yeaggy for £2,912,000. Allot of money for a DB5? Well lets not forget that this car still wields all the gadgets that Q fitted including machine guns, revolving numberplate, bulletproof shield, tyre slashers and ejector seat. Harry intends to display the car at a private museum in Ohio and the proceeds of the sale are all going to charity.

Quite the story and no doubt one that has left you both shaken and stirred.