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Join Us As We Attempt To Make Being A Petrol Head A Little More Socially Acceptable


We are all “car people” here, to one extent or another we share a common interest in the automotive industry. It’s not a rare interest like collecting butterflies or Napoleonic chess pieces; in fact it’s a more mutual interest than ice hockey so I’m told. So why are we banished to that isolated silence when we talk about cars in a conversation?

People who are football fans talk about their sport all day long without getting awkward looks or the previously mentioned silence. Why is it wrong for me to mention a Hybrid whilst talking about the environment or reference the Lexus that can park itself in passing whilst on the topic of tight car park spaces? The moment you even hint at the idea of motoring, the lights in the eyes of the person you are talking to all but extinguish.

So what are we going to do about it? Well here at Inside Lane we are going to start our own little social revolution using social networking. Twitter and Facebook at this present moment are the two largest and most popular social platforms on the internet and so we shall use this to our advantage. Inside Lane has both a Twitter and Facebook account and all you have to do to show your support is follow us. The more people who show support for this just cause, the bigger impact it will have.

I feel I should present some form of motivational speech, ok here it goes…
Ladies, gentlemen and petrol heads alike, this is our darkest hour. We lay broken, tired and disheartened at the feet of those who feel that automotive quips and knowledge should be for recreational use only. Those who feel chatting about Wayne Rooney at the dinner table is more acceptable than ranting about how the G-Wiz is nothing more than paper bag on wheels. From this day we say no more! No more shall we be devoured by the glances of others for today we make a stand.

A bit over the top? Maybe but I’ve made my point.

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