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Ken Block gets his Drift on in LA for Gymkhana 7


Ken Block MustangThere are many things that could be labeled an internet phenomenon. Grumpy Cat, memes in just about ever flavour imaginable, “I’m in me Mum’s car” to name the first ones that come to mind. Clearly our favourite internet sensations are those that feature cars doing extraordinary things. Ken Block and his series of Gymkhana videos have sparked the imagination of many with his astonishing drifting shenanigans. His popularity has grown with every video and now he has produced another, but this time Ken has ditched his trusty Fiesta for something with a bit more grunt. Get ready for Gymkhana 7.

Set in Los Angeles, this seventh instalment of daring drifts replaces the long serving Ford Fiesta in favour of a Mustang. Not just any Mustang though… A custom built 850 horsepower 1965 Ford Mustang. Outrageously modified to include a wider track, blower and WRC style cockpit, this is one mean machine. It is also the only all wheel drive performance Mustang ever made. The vast backdrop of L.A. allows Block to tear up the cities multiple environments including aqueducts, highways and even terrorise a local and his tricked out jumping car.

Check out the video. As usual, it is well worth a watch!