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Kimi Raikkonen WILL NOT Complete 2013 F1 Season


2013 Belgian Grand Prix KimiFormula One star Kimi Raikkonen has been in the news a fair amount over the past few months. Aside from some inspiring performances in his Lotus throughout the 2013 season, it came to light that the Finn had not been paid a singe Euro all this year due to cash flow issues within the team. He quite fairly threatened to boycott the remaining races until he gets paid. Kimi will not be attending the final two races, but not because of his strained relationship with Lotus…

An old back injury has come to haunt Raikkonen, something that started earlier on in the season at the Singapore Grand Prix. His back over the past month has been particularly problematic and so he is to have surgery in Austria on Thursday. In order to recover he will not complete the 2013 F1 season. Lotus have yet to announce who will replace him for the races in America and Brazil. Kimi wanted to get this operation out of the way as soon as possible to allow him to be at optimum fitness ready for his return to Ferrari in 2014.