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Korea’s First EV Is Christmas Gift Nobody Wants


The electric vehicle is coming along in leaps and bounds. No longer is the the case that if you want to save the polar bears you have to suffer a shoddy car. The Nissan Leaf is a prime example of an electric car that offers all the refinement and practicality of a combustion counterpart, except for the range of course. Korea is the next nation to step up to the scales to present their electrified offering.

This is the Kia Ray EV, and yes, it is a box on wheels. The design department have clearly used the method of watching paint dry for inspiration. Its lack of interesting exterior features is carried over into the ferociously bland cabin that appears to have been styled to mimic a 1990’s concrete office building. The Ray’s range is an average 86 miles and from a standard electrical socket will still take over 6 hours to charge. 0-62MPH comes in at an agonising 15.9 seconds. The only real point of interest about this Kia is that below 12MPH it emits a recorded noise of a petrol car so that pedestrians are not run over by the motoring equivalent of a shopping centre car park. Thankfully these car will be giving to government agencies and not the general public for now.