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Lamborghini’s New V12


As we reported last week the Lamborghini Murcielago is now no more with the 4099th and final car out the door. We are sad that it has gone but now our attention turns to its successor and what fruits it may bring at its estimated arrival in Geneva. Today the Italian company has sprinkled the automotive world with excitement by revealing the cars beating heart, an all-new V12 engine.

The new engine may have the same 6.5 litre capacity but that is where the similarities end.  It is now a 691BHP tower of power that gives the driver 509lb ft of torque. A nice tidy sum but made all the more tantalizing by the fact that it can be gained from just 5,500RMP. Engine weight has been reduced by 18KG and in engineering terms it might as well be an elephant as it will make for some even more rapid acceleration.

The car will also receive a new gearbox but it is not the ever more popular double clutch. The single clutch automated manual is said by Lamborghini to be “the most emotional system to use.” It has 7 speeds and will shift between them in just 50ms, however tick the e-gear option box and its is reduced by a further 40%. However just like all future Ferrari’s the car will not be available as a conventional manual.