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Lamborghini Gallardo Drives Through Flood


Lamborghini Gallardo FloodHere in the UK we have been having some serious flooding issues. Whole towns have been submerged in some truly terrible storms. Homes, belonging, and whole cars have been washed away in the vast quantity of flood water. On a similar note, a river in San Diego has burst its banks spilling out onto a main intersection. In a true “I stopped caring 10 minutes ago” fashion, a Lamborghini Gallardo owner decided he just wanted to get home and drove through the flood.

Echoing a scene from a James Bond film where 007’s white Lotus Esprit turns into a submarine, this Lamborghini Gallardo dives into the water. Murky brown waves wash over the top of this small Italian supercar and it would seem that its fate is sealed when progress slows. However, thanks to the Lamborghini Gallardo all wheel drive system and mid-mounted V10 engine, it makes it through to the other side. Maybe this guy was due a Huracan upgrade? He clearly threw caution to the wind with this baby bull. We can not confirm if the car car made it all the way home, water and electricity don’t tend to mix, bit this video makes for an interesting watch ether way.

Check it out below.