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Lamborghini LP700-4 Is So Close We Can Taste It!


Lamborghini’s new flagship that is to replace the now obsolete Murcielago is getting closer and closer. The past few months we have been drip-fed tiny little glimpses of what is under the skin of this new raging bull and to be honest the suspense is killing us! The world gorged itself when leaked specifications hit the internet  but we are all now growing hungry for the finished article. The Italian’s have now given us our best look of the car so far in this image showing the LP700-4 in its naked glory.

It is clear for all to see the new cars carbon mono-cell structure and brand new racing derived suspension. We can also now gauge the cars proportions a little better with these key components coming together. The cars new V12 heart takes up over a third of the shape foreshadowing the true power of power…

We are going to have to wait another week yet before the car is unveiled at the Geneva motor show. Click HERE for the leaked specifications.