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Lamborghini LP700-4 Specifications Leaked


It seems as if we have been waiting for Lamborghini’s new flagship for an eternity and it doesn’t help that the Italian company are staying very tight lipped about their next big thing. The last Murcielago rolled of the production line over a month ago and though it was a sad day we were filled with excitement a the mere thought of its replacement, a car that would benefit from a whole 9 years of technological advancement. The only problem is all we currently have to go on is speculation and the odd shadowed image… Well that was until the complete specifications found their way onto the internet.

Though it’s actual nameplate is still shrouded in mystery the paperwork does list it as the LP700-4. The new bull is equipped with Lamborghini’s all-new V12 that produces a colossal 690BHP. It also has 690Nm of torque to help achieve a 0-62MPH of just 2.9 seconds. The cars top speed is another number that shall set Ferrari quaking in their boots, 217MPH. The Italians are really going all out to ensure that this LP700-4 is every bit as legendary as its predecessor. The brand new gearbox the car is equipped with has 7 gears and can make a change in less than 50 milliseconds.

Unfortunately we shall have to wait for the Geneva motor show in March for our first look at what is set to be one of the worlds defining supercars.