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Lamborghini Show Under The Skin of LP700-4


With more sneak previews than a child watching someone wrapping their Christmas gift, the Lamborghini LP700-4 is now one of the most anticipated cars of this year. It will finally be unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March but until then the Italian company will continue to torture us with little glimpses of its new flagship. This car can’t come soon enough, WE CAN’T TAKE THIS MUCH LONGER! The raging bull has now shown a little of what is under the new cars skin.

A few months ago we saw the LP700-4’s beating heart in the form of an all new Lamborghini V12, today the focus is on suspension. This car features a special form of pushrod springs normally associated with top-end racing cars. The new bull will be the first road car to ever use this devise that allows perfect alinement of the tyre no matter the position of the suspension. Also note the addition of some very meaty shock absorbers!

We are just going to have to be patient for the rest of the car.