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Lamborghini Teases Murcielago Replacement


The Lamborghini Murcielago could be described as the definitive supercar with its synonymous scissor doors and ample power, but time moves swiftly and the bull has aged. The car was launched way back in 2001 and was the newly VW owned Lamborghini’s first attempt. We were initially worried that the Germans had tamed the bull but what they did was enhance it. The SV is the final incarnation of the car that is now a legend but the Italians have a new hero in the wings just waiting. And they have begun their old trick of teasing again…

WE HATE IT when manufacturers drip tiny little bits of what will be a huge car launch, we are like hungry fat kids “we want it all now!” This is the first teaser image that Lamborghini have sent of their next car with the promise of more next week. Not much can be deduced from this image that could be either a break light or red-trimmed exhaust outlet, whatever it is it looks astonishing. The car is expected to be revealed at Paris later this month.

We can’t wait!