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Lamborghini Urus Officially Official


We have had the speculation, the teasers and the inevitable leaks but now it is time to get all official. The Lamborghini Urus now stands bold on its Beijing show stand with nothing to hide. So what is new now that Lamborghini’s concept is out in the open?

Built to test the water for the Italians third model, the Urus becomes the second 4X4 Lamborghini has ever built. There is no confirmation on what powers the car but the raging bull promises over 600BHP and to be the fastest production 4X4 in the world. The cabin of the concept seats  four adults with all your usual luxury refinements. Lamborghini says that this off-roader path was taken over a super saloon as many Lamborghini owners also own a 4X4. Though we don’t know what engine is squeezed under that raked bonnet, speculation has it that it is Audi’s twin-turbo V8.


  1. This car looks absolutely amazing, but if the price is something like 600 to 700k for 600hp, then something like, say, the porsche cayenne turbo which has 500hp for 250k is much better value. I just hope they get the price right.