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Land Rover Defender X-Tech Announced


The Land Rover Defender is one of the very few cars on the road that you could rely upon 100%. I’m not talking figuratively, I mean literally it is one of the most solid pieces of machinery man has ever made. There is a good reason why you will see the British Army using them as well as the RAF, coast guard, fire departments and the ambulance service. Because when it really matters a Defender will never let you down. The car hasn’t really changed since its first incarnation as the LR1 in 1948 though the 21st century has prodded the Defender of late and the result is a special edition.

This car still uses the old Defender ethos of getting stuck, moving some mettle and carrying on again. Named the X-Tech it has, according to Land Rover, “a raw edgy style.” So for those who don’t speak salesman that translates to it is painted silver, has some new black rims as well as chunky tyres and you can have a black interior. It is powered by the 2.4 litre diesel engine that gives the driver 360NM of torque!

The X-Tech goes on sale in March for £24,995. In conclusion there aren’t a lot of changes on this Defender but then again “if it isn’t broken  don’t fix it” and in this cars case it would take more than the Taliban for it to need fixing.