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Last Chance For Ferrari In F1 Test


When you are the worlds most recognized brand, the symbol of your home nation, the world looks onto you with anticipation. Ferrari are Formula One’s most successful team with the red cars dominating, however, the past few years have seen the prancing horse turn into a wounded cow. 2012 was set to be where the revolutionary design of their car would produce victories. But how Ferrari wish that intention had come true…

The F2012 is a very poor car in comparison to its rivals. Ferrari have free fallen down the pecking order thanks to a car that behaves unpredictably and just lacks pace. Their victory in China only happened by chance and so F1 testing is the F2012’s last chance to prove itself. Ferrari are bringing major aerodynamic developments to the car in Italy, but failing that the 2012 season will be written off and focuses will shift to 2013.