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Last LaFerrari Sells For £5.5 Million


last laferrariWhen LaFerrari was first unveiled to the world it represented what prancing horse fans had been praying for. A decade of waiting was rewarded with one of the most astonishing supercars that would make up what is now dubbed “the holy trinity” of hybrids. All were sold before it was revealed and currently prices of a used Ferrari LaFerrari far exceed what they were when new. Ferrari decided to build on last LaFerrari to raise money for the victims of the Italian Earthquake and it has just sold for $7,000,000 or about £5,500,000.

Though the auction price for this final LaFerrari coupe is very high, it was the last chance for someone to buy the car brand new. As the youngest example there will ever be, its value will far surpass the sum paid. A commemorative plaque along with external pinstripes differentiate it from its brothers. Also note the Italian flag that sits proudly upon the nose.

Hats off to the new owner of the very last LaFerrari. A worthy cause indeed!