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Le Mans 24 Hour, “They Fell Like Dominos”


And for another year the world’s most prestigious motorsport event has ended. From dawn to dusk this race was one that delivered on its promised thrills, spills and surprises. Audi hungry for their delayed ninth victory, thanks to Peugeot, weren’t looking as strong as the French team as the first four grid positions were taken by 908’s. But little did they know the ill fate that was yet to befall them.

Sébastien Bourdais in his number 3 Peugeot was on fire and led the way for the first few hours before suspension and hydraulic issues plagued the car. Peugeot’s 1 and 2 juggled for first but as soon as the lightning quick Anthony Davidson got into the seat it was car 1 that dominated really showing that this man should be back in F1. Trouble struck the team yet again when car number 1 suffered an electrical fault and delayed its departure by 10 minutes putting them further down the leader board. To add to their run of bad luck car 2 then decided to break down in the early hours with engine problems. Peugeot only had one team car left and the customer car wasn’t faring well either. Number 1 scrambled to 3rd only to break down two hours before the finish.

The Germans won out on reliability and not race pace but in order to come first, first you have to finish.