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LF-A Exhaust Note Enough to Break Glass


Precision is something that Lexus used as a bedrock in the LF-A. The car’s engine is at precisely 72 degrees to offer perfect weight distribution; every atom of carbon in the carbon fibre is checked for its clarity and even the wheel nuts are a set weight to the milligram. The cars monstrous V10 produces a soul shaking sound that goes right through you, in fact when it comes out of the exhaust at a certain rpm it reverberates at the same rate as a campaign glass, just the right frequency to cause it to smash.

Now that is precision, the sort of precision in pitch that professional opera singers search for throughout their careers and here is the LF-A able to turn it on and off as if it were on tap. For a manufacturer who knows next to nothing of the supercar world they have built a bloody brilliant one.