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London Grand Prix Proposed


Formula One is the worlds premier motorsport. The fastest machines, the most daring drivers, and of course the most spectacular locations. Silverstone, Monaco, Spa. All names that have the fury of racing pulsing through them. With the F1 calendar expanding the question must be asked, where next? Where would you find challenging conditions, a unique backdrop and an intensely motivated crowd? London…

The British capital has been proposed as a Grand Prix venue in the past but due to logistics and costs the idea was scrapped. Major sponsor of Silverstone and McLaren, Santander, have produced a media storm with CGI trailers and backing from F1 world champions to run the London Grand Prix. The track is a real blend of high speed straights and technical turns. A lap consist of 3.2 miles and top speeds of 190MPH. Famous landmarks such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace have been integrated into the route.

We would love to see such a race take place, but it all comes down to the men in suits making the numbers work first.