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Lotus’ “Big Plans” Could Be A Lost Cause


Lotus is a brand that is cemented into the world of combustion. Born out of racing and enhanced for the road, these British beauties never fail to put a smile on your face. Lotus these days is paid for by Proton who are in turn paid for by the Malaysian government. The government are now rumored to be looking for a buyer in their percentage of Proton. This would be bad news for Lotus.

Lotus is partway through a metamorphosis that will see it go from sports car manufacturer to an all-out supercar heavyweight. The new Esprit is to challenge the likes of Ferrari and Porsche in a market that is very hard to break. Other new models of similar caliber are also in the pipeline, however, if the new buyers in Proton do not see it fit to subsidize Lotus then these plans will all fall flat before their intended 2013 debut. Lotus is profitable and many manufacturers use the company to develop the handling of their own cars, but these ambitious expansion plans cost big money.