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Mazda Koeru Crossover Concept Due for Frankfurt Premiere


mazda Koeru conceptMazda’s KODO design theme has, for several years now, been the inspiration behind a smart, sharp and stylish range of cars. The compact little Mazda 2 hatchback remains a worthy contender in its own area of the market and the sleek CX-3 crossover, which we had the great pleasure of testing recently, has only enhanced the Japanese brand’s burgeoning reputation.

Rumblings of another crossover model have been afoot for a while now and Mazda have indeed confirmed that there will be a world premiere in store at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show as the Koeru crossover concept takes centre stage.

Styling responsibility for the Koeru – the Japanese term for “exceed” – rests with Mazda design supremo Luca Zollino. Naturally, the sketch above reflects only the initial design seeds of this concept and reveals a highly stylised vision of what appears to be a 5-door hatchback whose low slung stance is typical of today’s crossover trend. Noticeably, more than a few design cues have been taken from the existing CX-3 crossover, particularly when the two are compared front on. Judging by the handsome appeal of the CX-3, that’s no bad thing at all in our opinion.

Raising the bar for performance, efficiency and overall value is the somewhat generalised official line from Mazda concerning the Koeru.

In terms of its niche in the market, our best estimate is that the Koeru will ultimately end up as a CX-3-inspired crossover with CX-5 spaciousness and practicality, although Mazda themselves haven’t confirmed as much. Some sources even suggest that the new concept will offer 7 seats. If that is the case, it would slot in above the CX-5 in the current line-up as one of the largest crossover SUVs on the market. Power will come from Mazda’s range of SkyActiv engines and it’s a fair shout that the 2.2 litre diesel from the CX-5 SUV will feature on the options list.

The true identity of the Mazda Koeru concept will come to light when it is unmasked at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show later this year.  It will share the stage will the all-new MX-5 roadster on 15 September.