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McLaren 570S Track Pack Adds Focus


mclaren-570s-track-pack-rearThe McLaren 570S is an astonishing machine and arguably the most engaging car that McLaren Automotive has produced thus far. As I’m sure you can tell from its 5 star written review and video, we were impressed. However, McLaren are an outfit that strive for perfection and so the 570S has been tweaked to extract that little bit more out of an already competent package. The McLaren 570S Track Pack takes a leaf out of Colin Chapman’s book and adds lightness.

Available to order with a 570S, the Track Pack incorporates a mclaren-570s-track-pack-insideseries of alterations to the Sports Series supercar. A pair of carbon fibre racing seats lined with Alcantara strips out some weight, as does a set of light weight alloy wheels. The total saving for the McLaren 570S Track Pack is 25kg which isn’t bad considering that its standard form is already the lightest in the class. A reworked rear wing develops more downforce than before allowing you to exploit its 562 BHP 3.8 litre V8 even further. It generates an extra 29kg at 150 MPH.

If you want the McLaren 570S Track Pack you can tick the option box now. The very first cars with these new toys will be delivered early 2017 costing £16,500 over the standard 570S.