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McLaren 650S Officially Official


2014 McLaren 650S doorsMcLaren and Ferrari are age-old rivals in the world of Formula One. Think of them as an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Titanic battles erupt on track with neither willing to yield, the end result is quite a show.2014 McLaren 650S studio When McLaren introduced their 12C road car this squabble spilt out into our domain as the mid-engined British sports car was a direct competitor to the Ferrari 458 Italia. The Italian’s counter move was the 458 Speciale, a hardcore 597BHP masterpiece. McLaren have replied accordingly… McLaren 650S officially official.

First there was speculation, then leaked images followed by McLaren announcing that the car existed, and now they just couldn’t wait until Geneva to unveil it. So, here it is. The McLaren 650S takes on the Ferrari 458 Speciale armed with a 641BHP 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8. 0-62MPH is completed in 3 seconds flat and this new car will do 207MPH. BOOM! That would be a direct torpedo hit into the side of the prancing horse. The 650S aims to be a more involving experience to drive over the 12C with ferocious gear changes and added downforce to match its increase in power. Visually the new car review styling inspired by its big brother, the P1, that give it a lot of character in comparison with the standard machine.

Want one? Of course you do, and if you have £190,000 in your piggybank then feel free to make your way to the nearest McLaren dealership. Just expect us to be very jealous.