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McLaren 650S Supercar to be unveiled at Geneva


McLaren 650S logoMcLaren are quite the brand. Globally recognised as one of the most successful teams in Formula One, when their attentions turned to building a road car in the 90’s, we all knew the result was to be nothing short of biblical. The McLaren F1 set the world alight becoming the fastest road production car, a record it held for over a decade. After a long wait the 12C supercar took on Ferrari’s 458 Italia, and to decide a winner between those two is quite the task. A McLaren 650S Supercar to be unveiled at Geneva continues the British companies involvement in road cars alongside the P1.

Details are scarce at this moment in time with a McLaren press release stating. “Designed and developed to offer the enthusiast driver the ultimate in luxury, engagement and excitement, as well as dramatic yet beautiful styling, the McLaren 650S is the result of 50 years of competing, and winning, at the highest levels of motorsport.  It takes learnings from both the 12C as well as the sell-out McLaren P1™ and will be positioned between the two on McLaren Automotive’s supercar grid.”

We imagine this car to be a more hardcore variant of the 12C to take on the new Ferrari 458 Speciale. Its 650S nameplate likely refers to its power output.