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McLaren Announces New London Showroom


If you were world’s most renowned British supercar manufacturer where would you place your flagship showroom? We are of course talking about McLaren, a company that has built its reputation on its history within the Formula One World Championship. The company that gave us one of the planet’s most iconic hyper cars the McLaren F1, and the company that is soon to launch what will become one of the worlds most desired and rivalled cars. You would of course make your nest in London…

But this being McLaren they won’t settle for your typical showroom built into a high street, oh no, they have acquired a brand new property. Number one Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, one of the wealthiest areas of London and the showroom reflects this with its clean, modern design that oozes sophistication in the 21st century. The company are set to move in early 2011 just in time for the sales launch of the MP4-12C.