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McLaren F1 Successor Due 2012


The car that had dominated all others for over a decade, been admired in both motorsport and on the road, pinned up on bedroom walls and became the legend that it is today has been looking for a successor from its own badge for some time now. The biblical McLaren F1 was and still is a technological masterpiece but with the likes of Bugatti dominating the hyper car headlines, now has never been a better time to produce a successor. Sources from within McLaren say they are hard at work on just that.

The development of the F1’s protégé has been moved forwards by two years and will now surface at some point in 2012. The new car is said to be revolutionary in both design and architecture. Details are scares but we do know the car will be mid-engined, and much like its baby brother the MP4-12C, will have a carbon fibre monocoque. Will it be a Veyron rival? We just don’t know at this point but we do know that it is to be a permanent asset to the McLaren line-up unlike the limited edition F1.