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McLaren P1 GTR Comes With 986BHP



McLaren P1 GTR Front

As we all know the McLaren P1 is a magnificent car. For me at least, it is a bi-word for engineering brilliance and no matter how well someone could formulate an argument against it,  nothing will change my opinion on it. Now consider this – a track dedicated version with 986BHP, weighing 50kg less than the road-going P1 and with a host of aerodynamic tweaks and other alterations designed to make it as fast as possible – all finished off in yellow and green referencing the F1 GTR Le Mans racing car. Interested? Good, because McLaren have done it, and it’s called the McLaren P1 GTR.

It will be open for all to see at this years Geneva Motor Show and it will undeniably be one of the main attractions. The road-going P1 as it stands is already an achingly beautiful machine but with theMcLaren P1 GTR Rear front track being made 80mm wider and the whole car sitting 50mm lower on 19-inch motorsport alloy wheels with Pirelli slick tyres in the GTR, it is now even more of a sculptured display of resplendent design.

At the rear of the GTR the fixed rear wing sits more than 400m above the body work, an increase of more than 100mm over the road-going version’s adjustable wing. Working with the aerodynamic flaps in front of the rear wheels, downforce is now up by 10 percent over the standard P1 – equating up to 660kg of downforce at 150mph. Another noticeable difference at the back is the large twin exhaust pipes, formed from an Inconel and titanium alloy, this new system shaves 6.5kg off the standard version.

The heart of the P1 GTR is still the 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which produces 789BHP, working seamlessly with an enhanced electric motor producing 197BHP – the power of which is of course immediately available. The power train as a whole has had a thorough going-over for optimum track performance, with components being replaced with motorsport-developed parts as well as components designed specifically for road use being done away with all together to reduce weight.

What McLaren have done is taken one of the fastest hyper-cars on the market, and made it even faster on the track, much in the same way they did with the F1. An absolutely inspirational piece of engineering perfection – and all yours for £1.9 million.