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McLaren P1 vs the Nürburgring


McLaren P1 NürburgringThe McLaren P1 is an astonishing engineering masterpiece. Utilising the most cutting edge technologies the world has to offer, this car aims to be the fastest road car on any track. However, the daddy of them all is the Nürburgring and there is a very good reason as to why it is known as “the green hell.” This challenging circuit tests both man and machine to the limit and McLaren being a Formula One team are no strangers to pushing the envelope. In this extremely evocative video the British brand shows the P1 at work, something that will leave you in awe. Although McLaren have yet to publish the official lap time, no doubt to keep it away from Ferrari until LaFerrari takes to the ‘ring, we are told that it is well under 7 minutes.