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Mercedes B-Class to Become Shocking Electric Car


Looking across Mercedes-Benz range you would be hard pushed to find a market that they haven’t entered. Hatchbacks, saloons, coupe, SUV, estates and even supercars. So what’s next for the German three pointed star? Well it seems these days everyone wants to lower their emissions, Merc and business partner BYD have picked up on this and will set about producing an electric car based on the B-Class.

The B-Class’ platform is to be modified to create this front-wheel-drive EV. This car will only be sold in BYD’s Chinese market but it is unclear if it will wear the Mercedes badge or not. The B-Class was originally designed to carry a battery but in late development the idea was dropped, however this now makes the job of modification a lot easier thanks to the cars flat floor. Don’t expect to see rebadged B’s roaming china when the time comes to launch the car, it will receive its own design work as well as interior that will more than likely make it indecipherable as a Mercedes-Benz.