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Mercedes-Benz CLS Presented To the World


Mercedes-Benz has been on top form of late giving us cars that not only have high levels of luxury and performance, but also the looks to match. The new E-Class is elegant yet has a meaningful stance and the SLS with its bold lines looks sublime, both of these would be two very good examples of why the Germans know what they are doing. So as you can imagine we were rather excited to receive an E-Mail from Merc with details on the new CLS.

This was the sight that confronted us upon opening the attached images. A little bit of vomit entered my mouth as children in neighbouring areas ran in fear. What have they done? They have fused the rear end of the E-Class with the front of the SLS to give the motoring world the equivalent of the elephant man! We shall have to wait until the Paris motor show for more details but here are a few more images of the CLS, if you can stomach them.