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Mercedes-Benz New G-Class Gets Mighty V12


The notions of a parallel universe are nothing new. Science fiction has fueled the idea for decades that for every decision we make, in another world an opposite and equal effect takes place. Well if this all turns out to be true you can forget it happening on another world first. Try Germany and the UK. The Mercedes G-Class is the antimatter to the Land Rover Defenders matter.

This is the new 2013 Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and just like the Defender, its design hasn’t changed for decades. Alterations this year come in the form of LED lights as per the law these day, a more sculpted grill that goes much deeper, and an interior that hasn’t changed all that much. What has change, however, is the selection of motors you can have under the bonnet. This year the lineup consists of a G500, G350, a 5.4 litre V8 G55 AMG, and a biblical G65 AMG V12. The 12 cylinder from the SL65 is ported over and squeezed under the short stubby nose of the G wagon. Its 6.0 litre engine produces 612BHP. The downside? It is unlikely to make its way to the UK….