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Mercedes-Benz Show Future Design


Mercedes-Benz no matter what people say is and always will be a very important piece of the automotive puzzle. 125 years ago Karl Benz registered a patent for a “vehicle with gas-engine drive.” Thats right the first automobile… This revolutionary bit of technology has shaped the world we live in today and exactly on the 125th anniversary the three pointed star has announced another revolutionary patent.

Named the “bipolar flat-cell frame” this new design of battery is said to be more compact and efficient than any currently used in cars today. Mercedes also have made clear the viability of hydrogen fuel cells in the future. At the 125th celebrations the German manufacturer also unveiled a sculpture previewing the companies future design direction. I have likened the shape to a stingray but you may choose any metaphor from the animal kingdom you like. The birds-eye view of the streamline silhouette is of particular interest as it is one you could liken to a car with a mid-engine layout. We have heard whisperings of a mid-mounted V8 supercar to come in the following years. Either way this gives us an interesting insight.