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Mitsubishi Evo XI to Go Hybrid?


The Mitsubishi Evolution X is by far and away the best Evo to ever come from the Japanese manufacture. It’s just so well balanced and its 4WD system, though massively complicated to explain, works sublimely. The crazy FQ400 took the already barmy car and gave it even more power! But despite this it is said that the company had considered killing off the Evo, the question of why still remains a mystery. Now it is said that Mitsubishi are making the Evolution XI a diesel hybrid! What is going on inside that factory?

The thought of killing off the legend that is the Evolution is unbearable but to tarnish the name by making it some form of vain eco warrior is one that could be worse. The aim here is obviously to cut emissions but at what cost? Sources within the company say that the hybrid is still looking at a sub 5 second 0-60MPH thanks to the help of boosting the power with the battery. In my mind this is like neutering the car, it makes it less of the machine it should be. We live in hope that this will just be an option to choose when it comes to buying the Evo XI and that the standard petrol will still be on offer.

The green party strikes again!