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Mitsubishi XR PHEV II Concept ready for Geneva


Mitsubishi XR-PHEV IIMitsubishi has unveiled their striking XR PHEV II concept car just before it’s debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. This new hybrid car is set to join the sporty small cross-over section and alongside the Outlander PHEV SUV within the company’s hybrid line-up.

Despite still being branded as a concept car, the XR PHEV II does look closer to production than other concepts we have seen in the past – certainly more so than the XR PHEV concept when showcased in Tokyo in 2013. Inside, there also seems to be a functioning interior which would further suggest that this is a model Mitsubishi plan on producing in the future.

The electric motor component of the hybrid power train produces 160bhp, but unfortunately there has been no confirmation of what engine it will be working in conjunction with. The Japanese manufacturer have stated that it will be an MVEC engine which currently range from three to six cylinders and from 1.0 to 3.8 litres, so it is anybodies guess what they are planning to use in this concept. Although the companies last concept car did have a 1.1-litre three cylinder engine with 134bhp, so it would possibly be something in that ball park. The XR PHEV II runs on all-electric mode ordinarily and calls upon the fuel-powered engine if the batteries need charging or a bit more grunt is required.

With the success of the Outland PHEV we would be very surprised if this car does not make production. Take a look at out Outlander PHEV review HERE.