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Monte Carol or Bust? Catherham Special Edition


Thrills on a budget are always a good way to win our approval in the automotive world. The small British company, Catherham, are one such manufacture that know the value of the saying “less is more” as each fly weight car is epic amounts of fun both on track and on the road. Ok so they aren’t exactly convenient and the odds are that if you have a wife and decide to build it yourself (it is the cheaper option), she won’t be there when you finish. But what is better than a Catherham? How about a special Catherham?

This is the Catherham Monaco special edition and it sticks close to the legendary Colin Chapman’s philosophy of “add lightness.” It’s rather low power 227BHP 1.6 litre engine is compensated for by its weight that mean the car requires small power for big thrills. 0-62MPH is done in less than 6 seconds and we really do love the brushed aluminium finish that is bespoke to this specific model. Other individual touches to the Monaco edition is a wider SV chassis, red stitched leather and some black trim. But to be completely honest how much more special do you need a car like this to be and at £20,995 it’s high scoring on the bang for your bucks scale.