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Morgan Eva GT Revealed


Morgan could be argued to be the last truly British sports car manufacture. TVR, Marcos and even Lotus are all either concealed to the history books or under new ownership. Morgan however, has staved off all the troubles for 100 years and today is stronger than ever. This coming weekend the company will show an all new model named the Eva GT.

Morgan’s may no longer be made of wood, they were still even post 2000, but each car carries the classic styling’s of days gone by into the 21st century. They do have a real charm about them and the Eva GT is no different despite being the companies first 2+2. The sketch comes from Morgan courtesy of Autocar and shows the car in full detail. The design is a rather modern one in comparison with other models but many aspects do show its heritage. The car is to be expected to be powered by a BMW engine much like its siblings and will be officially unveiled at Pebble Beach.