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Morgan Teases the EvaGT


We love Morgan! The 100 year old British sports car company have stuck to their core principles of classic design and simplicity all this time, something to be admired in a world of continuous change. The fantastic thing with these cars is that you know from the moment that you start the engine, its pure engineering just like it should be… No hydro-whiz-bang suspension or techno marine gearbox, just chunks of metal bolted together in an ingenious way to create a product that can be appreciated by everyone. The mad styling is not to everybody’s taste but I’m sure even the most fastidious of people can appreciate the lines of Morgan’s new 2+2, the EvaGT.

Although details are thin on the ground and the only image we have so far is this mysterious yet elegant outline, we can already tell its going to be one of the company’s best. We reviewed the AeroMax not so long ago and found it to be one of the best motoring experiences money can buy, you can find the review here. The EvaGT will be shown to the world at this year’s Pebble Beach show and will cage within its gorgeous body BMW’s 3 litre straight six. The chassis is based on Morgan’s GT3 entrant so expect snappy handling along with those two extra seats.

We can’t wait for Morgan to share this car with the world, but for now all we can so is ogle the one shadowed image that has been released so far.