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Morgan Three Wheeler Returns 2011


Morgan are one of the last true British manufacturers of the automobile still under their own ownership and still build in the UK. With 100 years of history the plucky Brit has seen two world wars and one world cup yet it wasn’t until 1953 that they put a forth wheel on their cars. Morgan’s iconic three wheeler that has won many motorsport events returns for 2011.

There are a number of good reasons for Morgan to step back in time and revive the “tripod” and one of those is the environment. For once the green party have aided the revival of a car as this little trike often averaged 50MPG+. The 2011 car will be powered by  a 1,800cc bike engine that has 100BHP. That is enough to propel the extremely light car from standing to 60MPH in 4.5 seconds and go onto a top speed of 115MPH. Morgan are also going to offer a bespoke program where customers can pay a premium to taylor their car to their exact specifications.